Riot Starter Records was founded by fellow artist and entertainer Steve Fontaine a.k.a. The Riot Starter. Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Steve Fontaine found himself following a path to musical success through an unlikely channel which incidentally led him away from the entertainment capital of the east coast, to what is now become the amusement mecca of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. After doors started to open and opportunities presented themselves, Steve followed a path towards a little town stuck just between Atlanta and Charlotte.

This ended up being the pivotal placement for a young aspiring musician who was now able to test his product in more than one heavily populated market. During this period, Steve participated in the conception and orchestration of five different musical productions including his own solo project. He had recorded five studio albums, one featuring prominent billboard recording artists and platinum selling accredited producers/engineers.

Over the course of 15 years, Steve has helped connect, create and compose over 25 successful musical acts and over 100 artistic careers. Many are still touring, performing and currently working in the industry. His many years of experience leads to his understanding of the frustrations involved in the complexities of bringing someone’s art to the marketplace. For many artists, this is a process that hinders creative inspiration to flow effortlessly from the artist to the proverbial canvas. After years on the road and many contracts terminated, Steve came to the realization that the music industry was oversaturated with artists who were unhappy with their current representation. 

Steve Fontaine set out to create a record label that artists can be proud to call their home.

A common theme today encourages artists to bypass the record labels completely, to outsource your music and go it alone. However, Steve Fontaine’s many years of experience has convinced him of one thing: the more people you have behind you, the more momentum you bring, the more likely you are to succeed. 

Success is lonely at the top and if and when you're lucky enough to get there, what’s the point of being there, if there’s no one left to celebrate with?

Steve Fontaine believes that many artists lose their edge and slowly start to digress when being forced to involve themselves in intricate business details that leads to the notoriously jaded outlook on the industry. He also believes that this new mindset has become the defense mechanism for the current disdain in which the majority of artists and musicians have towards record labels and professional representation in general. Steve’s mission is to reestablish the relationship between an artist and their professional representation. Often described as the Jerry Maguire of the southeastern regional music scene, Steve has an established reputation as someone who takes personal interest in the artists he promotes, is a true fan, recognizes potential, and exceeds expectations. 

Steve Fontaine has come to the realization that had he not felt compelled to be more involved in the business aspects of his own personal career he may have been able to go just that much farther, create more music and made more impact on the industry. So in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Steve Fontaine decided to put his plan into motion and create a platform to help launch the careers of aspiring artists of all genres! 

Steve has helped connect, create and compose over 25 successful musical acts

and over 100 artistic careers.