The Riot starter

The Riot Starter is an infamous entertainer, musician, producer and D.j. mostly known for his volatile, rhapsodic lyrical outburst. TRS’s controversial, thought-provoking, inflammatory and often offensive lyrical content is sure to strike the nerve of even the most desensitized! Prominently known for creating crowds of protesters and dissenters, TRS is a professional bridge burner, dissident disruptor and music industry nonconformist. TRS has no musical boundaries or borderlines. TRS is an organizer, motivator and musical demonstrator. TRS has NO FRIENDS, only followers who seek to mutate the current fabrication of the fictitious falsities that facilitate fame and financial gain. The Riot Starter don’t rap…… He RIOTS!

Modern Day Slave

We Are Modern Day Slave and YOU… ARE… TOO”!!! Modern Day Slave is a progressive rap metal band who hails from Clemson, SC. Often described as Zach Wylde meets Zack De la Rocha, MDS has solidified their place in the southeastern region as a force to be reckoned with. Due to their unique, heavy metal swag, mixed with symphonic solos and abrasive, rapid fire, controversial content, MDS is notorious for creating crowds of chaos with their team TNS “TAKE NO S*#T” fan base and open disdain for control and compliance. MDS will be releasing their REMASTERED regionally distributed album “Justify Your Existence” on all digital platforms for the first time ever in 2021!

Vocals  (Steve Fontaine)

Guitar, Vocals (T.J. Willoughby)

Guitar, Vocals (Niles Mcall)

Bass, Keyboards, Dj (Dustin Hagins)

Drums (Nick Young)

Black Market Currency

Black Market Currency is a protest groove metal band from Marietta, SC. BMC was formed after Steve Fontaine orchestrated a slew of summer jam sessions with local and regionally renowned fellow musicians while on a hiatus from MDS and the TRS project. BMC‘s current lineup consists of Brent Wooganotti on guitar and vocals, Josh Stegall on guitar and vocals, Billz Fecht on bass and vocals and Joey “Clawz” Holtzclaw drums. BMC’s unique metal bounce and oral eccentricity is known for keeping the crowds heads bobbing! BMC is currently recording their debut album and is set to take the stage shortly after the end of the pandemic in spring/summer 2021.

Bobby Nicholson

Bobby Nicholson is a former member of the once-popular band Slivermane. Which was incidentally created by a coincidental craigslist ad which caught the eye of Steve Fontaine who had been known to scroll the musician sections for local up-and-coming artists. Steve Fontaine has said till this day ”Bobby Nicholson is my luckiest discovery yet”! After taking a long hiatus from music and social gatherings to deal with personal and family issues, Nicholson emerged from his period of inactivity as a solo EDM, Pop and Hip-Hop artist known as Universatile101. Although he does not attempt to sound like or replicate any other band or music artist, new fans have described 101’s new sound as having an Empire of the Sun, Foster the People vibe, while his rap style has been compared to Eminem and Childish Gambino. An artist that Universatile101 admires and compares his own sound to is Yuno, the UK and Jamaican descent pop artist out of Jacksonville, Fl.

Robby the elf

Robby the elf aka THE KING OF CHRISTMAS CRUNK, was discovered by Steve Fontaine when the two cross paths while working at a local popular hospitality establishment. As word got around that Steve was an aspiring up-and-coming musician who also owned a recording studio, “Rob” made an everlasting introduction by sayin “Yo Yo Yo my names Robby The Elf.. I’m half elf on my mother’s side”! “Rob” then set out on a mission to convince Steve that he was a reincarnation of a real life rapping Christmas elf. After becoming friends while working together SF began to realize that Rob’s embodiment of the story he wanted to tell was something he too was starting to think the world would want to hear. So after many work shifts together and listening to Rob’s constant jingle of Christmas Crunk Caroling, SF orchestrated a recording session for Rob just as he would any other artist he was intent on working with, and on that day Robby The Elf was brought to life and “The Magic of Elves” was written and recorded! SF has often referred to RTF as the hardest working artist I’ve yet to discover! RTF now donates all of his profits and proceeds to help feed the homeless, helpless and less fortunate. Till this very day, every holiday season from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve, you can find RTF spreading Christmas Crunk Cheer in a Carolina community near you. Yo Yo Yo! Merry Christmas!