Riot Starter Records is a non-consolidated record label that specializes in the discovery, development and procurement of up-and-coming artists intent on entering the music industry. RSR provides an array of services which include but are not limited to, consulting, artist management / representation, mentoring, conceptualizing, branding, marketing and much more. If you are an artist or know someone who is and seek to obtain more information in regards to furthering your career, please contact us immediately.

Hired guns

RSE is proud to announce that we now offer our professional live and studio “Hired Gun” services to musicians, businesses and musical creators of all types. Please contact us if you are in need of professional instrumentation or orchestration.

Niles mcall

Niles Mcall is known as one of the southeastern regions most prolific guitar virtuosos! After being bit by the music bug as a young teen, Niles grew up idolizing icons such as John Petrucci and Joe Satriani. Niles is a graduate from the highly accredited Greenville, Sc. Fine Arts Center. After many years of perfecting his craft in the local underground music scene, Niles has amassed a reputation for making fingers shred and faces melt. Niles has mastered many apprenticeships and has mentored under some of the most awarded names in the industry. So if your song needs a solo or if you’re beat needs a lead? Niles Mcall is sure to meet your musical expectations!

Ryan Lara

Ryan Lara is our Cali to Carolina connection. Raised on the west coast and transplanting to the Carolinas, Ryan’s Southern California influences bring a level of diversity and authenticity to many who may seek a more mainstream musical composition. Ryan is a multifarious musician who currently plays two different instruments, in two of the southeast most popular punk bands “Psycho Psycho“ & “Drowned Out“. Ryan is a master sound engineer/current owner at Mad(esc)Audio and is responsible for the recording and mixing of both of his current projects’ most recent releases, as well as many more before and still to come in 2021. Ryan’s passion for sonic precision paired with his persistence to strive for perfection when looking to create your next professional production, makes him the man many southeastern musicians already call for their next musical inception. 

Brent “Wooganotti” Wohlgenannt

Brent is all about that BOUNCE! Though classically trained and Yngwie Malmsteen inspired, Brent’s “God given talent” is to keep heads bobbing and boobies bouncing. Brent’s early years as a session recording musician for a young Hip-Hop record label, makes him the go to guy for a lot of regional Rap and R&B artists. However, Brent is accredited with producing, writing and creating concept albums for some of the region’s most accomplished acts of all genres. Brent is a true industry jack of all trades and can be found gracing the tracks of countless albums in the southeastern region. So if you’re looking for a one stop shop musical composition, from the faders to the frets, Brent Wohlgenannt is hands down your best choice! 

TJ Willoughby

As a veteran in the southeastern regional music scene, TJ Willoughby’s name is synonymous with the word swag! TJ’s unique style and ability to lace a rhythm guitar track on virtually any and every genre of music makes him one of the most sonically adaptive guitarists in the game today! TJ has shared the stage with far too many names to mention and his experience is undoubtedly one of his most valuable strengths! If your song needs some guitar that flows like a rapper on a track? Then TJ Willoughby is your B-Rabbit.

Billy “BILLZ” Fecht

When people mention session musicians you never really hear them mention Bass players, But the truth is, the Bass is a unique instrument that can actually be played in a multitude of different ways, and those little bits of nuance can add certain cultural genre inspired influences when seeking to polish your perfect musical composition. Billz is a multi-faceted man of many hats, and has one of the most respected musical opinions in the southeast regional music scene. Billz has skills that stretch far beyond instrumentation from graphics to videography but Billz ability to attack the Bass from more angles than one, makes him a NO brainer when you’re looking to complement your bottom end!

Kenny cuevas

Kenny “Original the Beat Assassin” Cuevas is currently a composer, musical director, producer, graphic designer, A&R and talent scout for RSR. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, at a very young age OTBA was influenced by the underground Caribbean reggaeton island sounds that were native to his culture. After moving to the mainland east coast and taking up residence in Allentown Pennsylvania as a young teen, OTBA was quickly starting to absorb the current mainstream mainland music from R&B to Hip-Hop and even became a fan of Hard Rock and Heavy-Metal. This combination of musical influences helped to create 0TBA’s unique style of musical production that has made him popular in the southeast region for many years. OTBA and Steve Fontaine crossed paths in SC and immediately hit it off! They got right to making music and eventually this led to what is argued as the southeast’s hottest mixtape track that never went digital, “GOFO2ONEM” which became so popular through Sc. personal mixtape cd circulation it was incidentally removed from the internet due to an accidental uncredited sample SF used from an older movie. This spring 2021 it will be remastered and re-released digitally under RSR on all digital platforms! OTBA has established himself in the southeast as a master of production who’s more than capable of incorporating all genres of musical influence. Whether you need the next club banger, underground trunk thumper or just a little island vibe, Kenny Cuevas is The Original Beat Assassin.

joey "clawz" holtzclaw

The name Joey Clawz says it all! Joey‘s been associated with some of the southeast most popular projects for many years. Joey‘s ability to adapt to all musical genres has been tested time and time again both as a live show road ready tour veteran as well as seasoned studio session percussionists. Joey‘s personality and reliability make him one of the most premier percussive instrumentalists preferred by many of the most well known accomplished regional performers. Joey‘s passion for percussion has perhaps led him to his most pivotal position thus far as you can find Joey Clawz scratching the skins live at his local church whenever he’s not touring or tracking your next album. So if your song needs a little tickle on the toms, from the zildjians to the xylophone, Joey Clawz is who you call!